Saturday, February 11, 2017

How I cut my cord (ditched cable TV)

I have been asked by my friends how I ditched cable TV and have saves about $70 a month or $840 a year. I will show you how I did it.

I had the triple play package phone, TV, and internet and I started this by removing the phone, and going with This give me the same phone I had before and I was able to keep my number. Just hooked up the box to my router and went through the setup process. It was that easy. Now the price is now $12. a month for this service, and there are other VOIP services, still less than half the cable company's $29.95 plan.

Now for TV service. Today there are a ton of streaming companies out there and finding the right one can be tough. As of today the two big ones are Sling TV, and Playstation VUE both of these are links to the web sites. I have done a side by side and have chosen Playstation VUE ove Slint TV.

Just go to the web site and sign up and pick a plan, that simple.

Now how to play the TV wit you new service provider? Again there is allot of ways of do this.

  • Apple TV (this is a lot of $$$ and you are limited to content)
  • Roku (this is my chosen device) I have the streaming stick and Roku 2 devices 
  • Fire Stick (amazon) great but the device is meant to sell you stuff from amazon 
  • Fire TV (amazon) great but the device is meant to sell you stuff from amazon
  • Android TV (i have an older device and it is Rooted so I can not use it)
  • Goolge TV
  • Computer (web site viewing)
  • Chrome cast.

So the devices I have are, click the links to see the products.
  1. Roku Streaming stick I can listen to my TV through my phone so as not to wake the family with my loud war movies.
  2. Roku 2  I have this because I have a wired network in my bedroom so I will get the fastest TV services. Also I can plug a USB drive in with my movies and vids and photos and play on my TV
  3. 2 Insigina 32" TV with Roku built in.
  4. Chrome cast is my last device, I cast from my iPhone.
Now why did I go with Roku over Amazon fire? Good question. The reason is simple, there is more free channels for Roku than Amazon fire. I know I can hack the fire but did not want to hack my TV service, and my Wife would not want to learn how to use some thing complicated. I will try a fire stick soon when I have the extra money, but not today.

Warning DO NOT BUY A JAIL BROKEN amazon fire, not worth the money. You can side load KODI, or Show box on them your self very easy. 

As a side note I also use my Amazon Fire tablet On sale now for $30 to stream stuff, and have Showbox installed on it. Just need to do a simple hack to install google play and remove Amazon ads from the tablet. I am a big geek, and this is my daily tablet, and I have an iPad air 2, iPad air, Asus 10" tablet, and window 10 tablets. And I use a 39.00 tablet over all of them. 

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