Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fidget toys how to make a bike chain fidget toy

With my son having ADHD and fidgeting all the time I have looked into these fidget toys. To buy them can be from $5 to well over $20. Now I am CHEAP (ask Mary) so I wanted to make some and on the cheap.

Here is a Vid of the photos below.

First you need a Bike chain, and I got this one from Walmart for $7.00. Next you need a way to separate the links. I used an old chain breaker I had in my tool box (this broke after I broke the chain 20 times). If you do not have one a punch will do. You will also need cheap key ring circles, and some rubber O rings. The last two items I had in my house but you can get them cheap at a home store like Home Depot, ACE (is the place), or other DIY centers.

Chain and breaker tool.
 Here I have the chain in the tool, just twist to push the rivet through and the chain links will be free.
 Here is the first pass with the breaker, you see I have freed the center part of the chain.
 Now on the next pass I have freed the gold outer links.
 With a large number of links separated I am ready to wash the oil off of them.
 With the parts clean and dry (ish) put the center black part together.
Place an O ring on the link.
 Slip one of the Gold links under the O ring.
 Do the same to the other side so you have the black link covered by the gold links under the O ring.
 Now that I have all of my links assembled I set them in to pairs with the key rings.
 Place 1 key ring through one end of each chain link assembly.
 Now join 2 links together as shown.
 This is the hard part.... To get this right you have to have the second key ring pass through the other ring then the last link end. It is hard to put in to words but have a good look and the photos.
 You see I have split the one ring over the other and passed it through the link.
 Now you see that the end of the ring is now going under the other side of the ring. Finish passing the ring all the way through the last ring and you are done.
 You now have a fidget toy for cheap......
 I made a total of 9 and my chain breaker broke, and I was to lazy to go to my work bench in the cold garage
If you have any questions leave a comment below.